PhD/Professional Training

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This is research based course duration between three to five years. The student should submit a research topic or proposal minimum 1500 to 2000 words in their field of interest.

The key points to highlights in the proposal are:Search
What is research issue or question
Why this issue is important
Question or issue based upon an underlying body of literature.
What contribution to knowledge can be anticipated

Requirements for the course:
Minimum requirements for these course is a Masters Degree with good academic records from a recognized university. IELTS requirement minimum 6.5 in each module.

When you can start:
PhD application can submitted at any time and subject to the proposal being accepted (research topic) and student can enroll any given time. Applications should be received by the Program coordinator at least two months before the chosen commencement date. The commencement dates are every two months (February, April, June August, October and November).

Area of research available:

Marketing, International Business, Entrepreneurship
International business & multi-national corporations
International trade and development

Entrepreneurship in the advanced economies
The political economy of industrial participation
Profit and equity sharing
Banking and Finance
Corporate financial management
Banking regulations
Islamic banking
Islamic finance/investment/banking
Emerging financial markets
Corporate financial structure
Dividend policy

Management and Leadrship
Total Quality Management
Strategic analysis
Strategic Planning Systems/Processes
Corporate Governance
Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances
Headquarters-Subsidiary relationships
Epistemological issues on theory testing and development
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Reporting
Sustainable Development
Methodology in Management Research
Risk management,
Fund management
Performances of cooperatives in developing countries
Development of quantitative and qualitative methods in the social sciences
Development of a unified social science
Take-overs and mergers
Entrepreneurship and Venture Management

Information Technology
Emergent organization and management
Construct development for systems evolution and emergent IT systems and IS.
Theory of Deferred Action and Deferred Systems Design
Information Systems Evaluation and Integration

How the program will asses:
Students are required to attend all seminars and presentations and will have to meet the supervisors regularly. This is a highly structured programme and students are expected to show progress on their research work. Regular assessments will be made by the supervisors.

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