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International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a language testing process whose first language is not English. A good score is the pathway for higher education and better future carrier. IELTS score prove your level of English proficiency which important when you apply for admission to the universities or for a job. It is a world recognised qualification and accepted by major English spoken countries. The exam has four parts; Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. You have to attend every module individually and will assess it individually as well. But your band score will be based on the average marking.

Why with us?

We arrange different language programs with highly qualified faculty members who have years of teaching experience. Class sizes are small and have modern teaching materials to deliver the lectures. Our teaching campus mainly based in heart of London where it is easy access from every part of the city.

Structure of the course
• The course curriculum are designed by the IELTS examiners who have vast experience and have done a long time research on it.
• This course mainly focused on doing more practice and covered more mock exams.
• Our teachers use other useful materials and resources in class, to add to the learning experience.
• Teachers also focus on home study. After every class they supply work to study at home and check in the following class.
• IELTS is limited time exam and students need to answer maximum numbers of questions. Our teachers teach the techniques and give tips to achieve better scores.

Where you need to start?

We recommend every student to do a self assessment to find out your won English level. IELTS stat from 1 to 9 band score which is non user to expert user. If you are level is intermediate we suggest you to start from a general English course then you should go for upper level. This course is not similar as your academic English, it will justify your reading, writing, listening and speaking capability. You need to focus on every part individually.

How to start?
First you should to know your required minimum score need to achieve and the current level of your English. Then make a target and start preparation. Some times students find difficulty to continue to put effort on study, we suggest making a group with two or more friends and practicing outside of the class. You can also check IELTS website for getting materials and sample mock test questions.

Who can take this curse?

The course has two categories; one is Academic IELTS for Students who want to study at a English speaking university need to achieve an IELTS score before they will be accepted onto the course. Other is General IELTS mainly for professional and immigration purpose. Both categories have different exam structure. Visit IELTS website for more details.

Every week a new batch is started and class distributed in three days in a week.

Understanding IELTS Band Scores:

 Score Score Level Understanding Level
9  Expert User  Native speaker level of the language.
8  Very Good User  Excellent command of the language, a few mistakes only
7  Good User  Handles language well, some inaccuracies, communicates adequately
6 Competent User  Reasonable control of the language, difficulties with unfamiliar
5 Modest User Adequate in own area, difficulties with complex structures
4 Limited User Adequate only in familiar areas, difficulty understanding expression
3 Very Limited User Problems communicating, limited communication abilities
2 Intermittent User Many difficulties, basic information only
1  Non User Mnderstands a few isolated words only

UKBA requirement for Tier4 Application

Where you can take IELTS Test?

There are numbers of affiliated centre around the world. In London you can find many centres and you have to book exam at least 4 weeks before your exam date. For booking your exam download application form and submit after completing in your preferable centre. After the exam it takes minimum two weeks to receive your score card. Our affiliated centre has registration and exam facility.

You should leave at least eight to twelve weeks for taking preparation if you really want to make certain level of score.

An internationally standard level test mainly used by employers and universities within the UK, Australia, Canada and many other countries. Tests are available two times a month throughout the year.

IELTS Intensive

This course is 15 hours of IELTS preparation combined with 12.5 hours of English fluency.

IELTS standard

This course is 15 hours of IELTS preparation combined with 2.5 hours of English fluency.

[tab:Cambridge English]

Cambridge First Certificate & Cambridge Advanced

This certificate is internationally recognized used by many countries as a measure of English proficiency. A minimum intermediate level is required for the First Certificate course and upper intermediate for the Cambridge Advanced course. Exam takes place four times in each year.

What will you achieve?

This course gives opportunities to develop skimming and scanning techniques to read large texts swiftly in real exam environment. Practice written tasks to a high level with complicated phrases and grammar structures. Have listening practice to understand key to pull out information in listening and to encourage natural accent. It will improve accuracy through reviewing grammar structures and use of English.

[tab:General English]

General English courses are designed to those who wish to improve their in general knowledge of the English language. We welcome students from all levels of English up to advanced. Our expert teachers combine course book tasks with authentic materials to develop student’s ability to communicate.

What will you learn from this course?

Students on General English will help to develop fluency and listening skills to communicate with both native speakers and international colleagues. Practice formal and informal language, learn grammar rules in order to produce accurate sentences when speaking and writing in English. Make confident in English and therefore in their personal and professional lives will improve understanding of English in everyday situations.

[tab:English for Business]

English for Business course is designed for university students studying business related Topics or in the business already have an international career. Students must have a minimum intermediate level to join this course.

What will you learn from this course?

This course will help to develop a strong understanding of formal language used in the business. Will make familiar of presentations and role-play to promote confidence when speaking English in front of audiences.  Students will become confident in writing official documentation and learn new vocabulary within a business framework for increasing the opportunities available to them in the business world.