Strategic Focus and Plan

East London Express working constantly to simplify the process of admission for the foreign students and introducing easier way to access the university information for them. The main focusing issues of the plan are –

  • Organize and participate more education fair to ensure quality student.
  • The marketing  process  including  advertising  in  local  and  international newspaper, online marketing, ELE newsletter and flyers.
  • Sponsoring  different  local  and  international  educational  institutes  and  education clubs.
  • Appointing  representative  in  isolated areas where partner  institutes  faces difficulty to publicize their facilities.
  • Making collaboration with foreign institutes where their students can be familiarized with  the course curriculum and admission  requirements  to prepare  themselves for higher study in the UK.

From  the  very  beginning  of  East  London  Express  we  are  keen  to  focus  on  our business achievement, improvement and escalating our service area. From last three years we have constantly increased the number our partner institutes and students.

We always focus on to deal with quality students and institutes. East London Express intend not only working as consultant, we are investing our knowledge and money to build training institutes where students can get additional practical training experience on varieties of courses besides their academic studies.
East London Express gives academic and carrier advice to future generation who will play a vital role in our world economy. Education consultancy is a huge competitive sector and it is growing  worldwide  very  rapidly.  For  improvement  and  easy  access  of technology  it  is challenging  to coup with  the competitors. But  it motivates us  to offer new and  innovative services with efficiency which distinct us from our competitors.