Services for students


East London Express (ELE) always keen to provide proper guideline to help students and parents while they are planning to study in abroad. We have a talented and skilled team to support you select right institutes and course for your future carrier. We provide

– One to one counseling (Visit our Office)
– Online counseling (Email)
– Distance counseling (Phone/Skype: eastlondonexpress)

In the counseling period we want to find out student desire about their future carrier plan and assist them to find the way to make them true.

Document Assessment:

For planning to study in foreign countries it is important to prepare documents properly and right way according the university requirements. We help our students to pre assess their documents before they take final step for admission. The supporting documents are varied from universities and courses, but we recommend our students to provide additional documents such as-

– Copy of passport
– Copy of Visa (if student already obtained a visa)
– Visa/CAS letter (if available)
– Recent progress (if student have enrolled with a sponsor)
– All Educational Transcript/Certificates
– Certificate of English proficiency: IELTS/TOEFL/Pearson test/Others
– Financial Statement
– Statement of Purpose
– Two references (one academic and one professional)
– Recent CV (Including mailing address, contact details and details of next to kin)
-Complete ELE application form (Download from)


After primary assessment if students are eligible to apply we assist them to make application. In the period of application we provide assistance on

– Filling error free application form and submitting them on time.
– To follow the application and make sure swift collection of unconditional offer letter.


Our team members are delighted to meet the students. Where it is necessary we arrange interview with university officials to process their application. In the interview session students have opportunity to know more details about the course, institutes and application process.

Offer Letters:

ELE always wants to make sure that all applications have deal led properly and fairly that students can get maximum numbers of offers from institutes they choose. After making application it will take 2 to 4 weeks to get the offer letter.

Conclusive Selection:

This is very important for students to take right decision for making choice course and institutes. Our trained counselor will help you to take your decision. We have immigration advisor who will help you make visa applications.


We have an expert team who will brief you before you make your journey to foreign countries. We assist you to exchange foreign currency, making bank draft or transfer money to the university. It is important what type of documents you have to keep with you and how you will deal immigration.

After arriving we have facility to pickup students from airport and arrange accommodation. We also help to open bank account and national insurance number.