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Become Agent for East London Express

ELE open opportunities to work together and to become a highly trusted Agent who would like to provide students with the prospect to come and study worldwide. If you think you are interested to work with us, we would like you to fill out the Agent Application Form so that we can get in contact with you.

Procedure to become an Agent at East London Express:

Step 1: Complete the Agent Application Form from the website.

Step 2: ELE will carefully assess all details provided by the Agent on the form. If the information is deemed sufficient ELE will send through a Representation Agreement to the email ID provided on the Agent Application form.

Step 3: The Agent must read all the Terms and Conditions and sign the Representation Agreement if he/she is satisfied with all the terms contained therein.

Step 4: When both parties have signed the Representation Agreement, a Representation Certificate will be posted to the registered address of the Agent.

Step 5: Access to the User Management System (UMS) will be sent to the Agent via a notification from ELE Application to his/her email ID.

Step 6: All Agents are expected to read through the Agent Training Manual, the Recruitment Policies of East London Express.

Step 7: Agents need to familiarize themselves with all of the current ELE marketing material. The UMS system and website will be frequently updated.

Step 8: All application forms of new students must be loaded onto the UMS system. Providing that the student remain to the University requirements, a Conditional Offer will then be send to the Agent.

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Agent Application

Please fill out the Agent Application Form as thorough as possible. The details on the form will be used to assess the credibility of your agency and will determine whether ELE would like to establish a long-term working relationship with you. Please Note: We are only looking for applicants who have access to quality students who are interested in higher education worldwide. ELE might request further information if necessary.

Please click here for Partner Application Form

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Agent Recruitment Policy

ELE expects all Agents (with a valid Representation Agreement) to adhere to the required entry requirements of our Agent institutes.

The following criteria will be used to determine the credibility of a Agent

  • How long the agency has been established
  • The amount of students the Agent recruited the previous year
  • The visa acceptance rate of the Agent
  • Whether the Agent attended any British Council Training sessions
  • The feedback of references
  • The feedback of the ELE representative when visiting the official registered business premises of the Agent

Credibility of the Agents will be measured:

The following documents will be requested before signing an agreement with the Agent:

  • A completed online Agent application form the website
  • Proof of a registered business address
  • Certificates supporting any claims of British Council training or equivalent
  • The feedback of references
  • The official company profile of the Agent
  • An official feedback form completed, signed and dated by a ELE representative after visiting the premises of the Agent

Responsibilities of an ELE Agent:

  • Agents must represent the correct information, as communicated by the ELE through the website, the prospectus and the UMS system, at all times to potential applicants
  • Agents must provide ELE with the current contact details of all potential students as well as clear intentions as to why a student wants to come and study abroad.
  • Agents are responsible for the verification of the progression and qualifications of all students prior send to ELE.
  • No fraudulent documents are to be submitted to East London Express.
  • Registered Agents will be responsible for all actions of their sub-Agents.
  • All data relating to potential applicants must be uploaded and updated on the UMS system
  • When a student receives a visa, the Agent must upload the new visa copy on the UMS system and inform immediately.

Measure the performance for local and international Agents:

  • The amount of students the Agent has enrolled over six months
  • The number of visa rejections (international)
  • The English proficiency of students (local and international)

Unauthorized Actions:

The following actions are defined as poor recruitment practices

  • Misrepresentation of institutes and course information
  • Fraudulent any certificates or documents
  • Misleading any information to the students

Steps for Dealing with Poor Recruitment Practices

Warning 1:If an Agent does not respond or comply with the recruitment policies as outlined above, ELE will send a warning letter to the Agent’s registered email ID (as indicated on the UMS system). It is the responsibility of Agents to ensure that their contact details, as held by ELE, are always up to date. The letter will state that the Agent’s recruitment practices are unsatisfactory and that he/she is at risk of termination.

If an Agent fails to adhere to the required VISA regulations, ELE Policies and the entry requirements of our Agent Universities, the Representation Agreement will be terminated with a 30 day notice period (as stipulated in the Representation Agreement).

[tab:Training Manual]

Agent Training Manual

The Agent training manual is only accessible to Agents who are registered on our User Management System (UMS). If a Agent would like to download the Agent training manual from the ELE website, he or she needs a password. If you are already registered on the UMS system but do not have a password to access the Training Manual from the website please contact [email protected]

download Agent Training Manual